About Us



 Support our local food community while contributing to biodiversity in the environment that leads to a healthier city, more local jobs, fresher and healthier foods, and enriched lives.



Establish a better relationship with nature through a sustainable community that recovers and reuses natural resources to ensure clean water and air, and healthy soils and foods



A healthy environment and social fabric that encourages social interactions, and contribute to a strong, more resilient local economy

About The Worm Whisperer

Zarron Brown, son of a green thumber, is The Worm Whisperer.  He educates students and consumers on various composting ecosystems, as well as provides finished compost, composting worms, and a line of natural soil conditioners, to improve soil and plant health. A lifelong eco-lover turned eco-preneur, The Worm Whisperer specializes in helping others start composting systems at home, in schools, and within the agri-biz community, to promote the recycling of food scraps, yard waste and other organic matter. The Worm Whisperer also participates in  VeSFO, the Veterans and Small Farmers Outreach program offered by Florida International University (FIU) that is dedicated to preparing veterans for farming careers. Since the completion of this program, the former US Marine has been featured in the Miami Herald, The Miami Times and the miami laker, and has developed relationships within the South Florida agriculture, educational and environmentally conscious communities. In addition to the Veterans program, Mr. Whisperer participates in various educational programs and events with the Education Fund, Slow Food Miami, Miami Dade Public School system, Little River Cooperative, Miami Beach Botanical Garden, and The Wynwood Yard.

Zarron Brown, along with his team of dedicated never duplicated decomposers, whose work is immeasurable, are converting waste to good taste and improving the physical and biological structure of the soil here in South Florida. By providing sustainable, organic nourishment to the tropical and sub-tropic soil found in the region the efficiency of water utilization will be increased, plant diseases can be suppressed, and erosion reduced. As part of this effort food scraps, and other organic material, are collected from various restaurants and businesses in Miami, along with vendors at the Upper Eastside Farmers' Market, where compost and other eco-family products are sold.

The Worm Whisperer is available for workshops and speaking engagements that promotes a healthy environment and ecosystem, community stewardship in sustainability, and green jobs in the South Florida area and beyond. Remember, a lifetime of healthy eating begins in the soil.