Putting Soul back into the Soil

This black gold inoculates your soil with trace minerals and beneficial microbials, bacteria, fungi, enzymes and nutrients that ultimately boosts and improves plant development and growth, and supports the ecosystem in the soil.   All of these benefits are obtained as the materials cycle through the thermophilic (113 - 167 degrees fahrenheit) and mesophilic (68 - 113 degrees fahrenheit) stages as pathogens are removed.

PHATSACKZ©  soil amendment is a living ecosystem with castings from various decomposers that inhabit the aerobic system that produces this jewel, such as earthworms, millipedes, pillbugs, centipedes, spring tails, and snails and slugs just to name a few. Providing biodiversity that results in healthy plants, gardens, lawns and trees. ​

As a natural soil conditioner, PHATSACKZ© Compost exhibits superior water retention qualities and an optimal flow of air to facilitate the exchange of nutrients and minerals within the root system. This is needed to support a healthier soil and plant life.

Cost:$25 for a 10 lb. sack or 2.50/lb.

Can also be purchased at: Little River and Mother Earth Miami

Suggested uses and preparations:  

Garden Soil Mix 1-4” into the top 3-8” of your garden soil in the spring before planting.  Transplanting of Vegetables and Annuals  Mix ½-1 cup in transplanted hole  

Perennials Spread 1” around plants and work into first 3” with cultivator every Spring.  

Potting Soil Mix ¼ part with your potting soil, or mix with coarse sand, perlite or vermiculite to make your own potting mix.  

Fruit Trees and Berries New plant:  Mix ¼ - ⅓ part with your garden soil in transplant hole.  Established plant:  Mix 1-2” around circumference out to the drip line into the first 3” in Spring.  

Roses Mix 4-5 cups around plants and mix into first 3” in Spring.  Lawns New plant:  Spread 1” over entire area to be seeded and rake in.  Established plant:  Sprinkle ½” over entire lawn surface as a top dressing during Spring and Fall.



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