Putting Soul back into the Soil

Beneficial microorganisms and biodiversity in PHATSACKZ© Compost boost plant development and growth, and supports the ecosystem in the soil.   

PHATSACKZ©  soil amendment is a blend of compost and worm castings packed with Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and other minerals that nourish your soil to result in healthy plants, gardens, lawns and trees. ​

As a natural soil conditioner, PHATSACKZ© Compost exhibits superior water retention qualities and an optimal flow of air to facilitate the exchange of nutrients and minerals within the root system. This is needed to support a healthier plant life.


Suggested uses and preparations:  

Garden Soil Mix 1-4” into the top 3-8” of your garden soil in the spring before planting.  Transplanting of Vegetables and Annuals  Mix ½-1 cup in transplanted hole  

Perennials Spread 1” around plants and work into first 3” with cultivator every Spring.  

Potting Soil Mix ¼ part with your potting soil, or mix with coarse sand, perlite or vermiculite to make your own potting mix.  

Fruit Trees and Berries New plant:  Mix ¼ - ⅓ part with your garden soil in transplant hole.  Established plant:  Mix 1-2” around circumference out to the drip line into the first 3” in Spring.  

Roses Mix 4-5 cups around plants and mix into first 3” in Spring.  Lawns New plant:  Spread 1” over entire area to be seeded and rake in.  Established plant:  Sprinkle ½” over entire lawn surface as a top dressing during Spring and Fall.