A Sack of Gold. What's in it?


Well first, it's a living ecosystem tightly intertwined with the physical and chemical aspects of the environment, and it's full of biodiversity


Secondly, it's a variety of life across species, genes, populations, and communities of detritivores and decomposers. The interactions that are the threads in the fabric of living ecological communities.


Worms, millipedes, pill bugs and springtails, to name a few amongst the insect world, that scavenge the waste products of the other communities.


Microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, that break down nonliving matter and leaf litter into a form that can be taken up and used by plants.

A visit the farm

Schedule to pick up your sack of gold from the farm and you can get a tour to see how we're being sustainable and resilient.

Sack of Gold

Worms don't do it all by themselves. Add a sack of gold to your compost system or garden to support life and diversity, and set the gold standard.


Sack of Gold

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